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1973 — 1992. The largest shipping company in the country

1973 — 1992. The largest shipping company in the country

Historical Milestones

1973 — 1992. The largest shipping company in the country

1974 The new service FESCO-Pacific Straits line was launched between the ports of Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Canada. By the end of 1974 seven ships operated on the line.

1975 On August 31st m/v the “Gamzat Tsadasa” made a voyage to open the new service FESCO Gulf Atlantic Line. Initially the ports of call included Hong Kong, Japan and the US Eastern Coast. The service was quickly extended including in port rotation Singapore, Bangkok, ports in Malaysia, Philippines, Houston, New Orleans, Savannah, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New-York. Eight vessels were deployed on the service and the voyage turnover was 120 days.

1976 In November the voyage of m/v the “Mikhail Olminsky” opened the new FESCO-Australian Line between the ports of Japan, Philippines and Australia. Originally the line was engaged in non-container cargo transportations, but later it was refocused on the more challenging container sector.

1983 Following the program of liner container business development, FESCO launched FNZEL line, servicing the ports of New Zealand and the South East Asia.

1992 On September 23rd the FESCO Employees' Conference was held to change the Company legal status: the state enterprise was transferred to Far Eastern Shipping Co., Plc.