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Charter and ice-breaking services

Charter and ice-breaking services

The tramp fleet, managed by FESCO (icebreaking transport vessels, timber carrying and multi-purpose vessels) is capable of transporting any type of cargo.

The ice-breakers provides pilotage for vessels in ice.

In contrast to the liner fleet, the tramp fleet doesn’t work under a fixed schedule between designated ports, therefore tramp fleet is more flexible. It can be chartered under short-term and single offers.

The FESCO fleet operates worldwide – in the Baltic, South America and Africa, including supplying of Antarctic stations and off shore cargo operations. The main part of tonnage is utilized at the Pacific basin.

Additionally, FESCO charters the tonnage of the other shipowners for operating on FESCO line service.

Contact information

Vladimir V. Chabrov
FESCO Fleet department director (Vladivostok)
Phone: +7 (423) 252-10-47,
E-mail: vchabrov@fesco.com

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