2003 — 2004. Steps of Development

2003 — 2004. Steps of Development

Historical Milestones

2003 — 2004. Steps of Development

FESCO established a railway operator “Dalreftrans” and launched cargo transportations on fitting platforms between along Vladivostok — Moscow route.

“Transgarant” established branches in Khabarovsk and Astrakhan in April and May respectively. Equipment stock under “Transgarant” management exceeded 5000 unit including the own 902 cars.

In June — August “Transgarant” launched cargo transportations for the biggest industrial enterprises in Russia: “Severstal Co., Plc.”, “SUAL Co., Plc.”, “Moscow Oil Refinery Plant”. In July “Transgarant” recorded over 1 million ton turnover.

2004 FESCO and “Russian Railways Co., Plc.” took the strategic decision of incorporation a joint venture “Russkaya Troyka”; focused on container transportation along the Trans-Siberian Railway.

“Transgarant” acquired the first locomotive and phased in the program of the large-scale covered-truck cargo transportations. The initial shipment of consumer goods was made from Moscow to Western-Siberian railway. In January “Transgarant” obtained a license issued by the Russian Ministry of Transport & Communications in respect of railway cargo transportations. In April “Transgarant” reached the cargo volumes over 1,5 mln. tons per month. “Transgarant” opened a branch in St.-Petersburg.

In October “Transgarant” obtained the license issued by Federal Agency for Transport Supervision in respect of railway equipment maintenance and repair.

As of December “Transgarant” operated 10000 units of rolling equipment, including 4182 own units. According to “The Expert” magazine rating, “Transgarant” was among the leading five railway operators in the Russian transport market.

In December the cargo handling turnover of The First Container Terminal LLC reached 500 000 TEU.