Ship freight

Ship freight

Charter of ship includes the search of required tonnage, vessel or space at a vessel for the purpose of further cargo transportation, including container transportation. Charter of ship is based in a charter agreement between owner of ship and client aiming to ensure either cargo transportation or chartering of a vessel for certain period of time.

Sea freight by FESCO

FESCO Transportation Group provides freight services for its own sea vessels, it acts as well as chartering broker at the market: 

  • for cargo owners FESCO selects vessels meeting conditions required for the transportation of their cargo
  • for owners of vessels  with free tonnage FESCO selects clients.

Tramp freight

FESCO charters its own shipping freight associated neither with specific areas of navigation, nor with ports where loading/unloading takes place.

Cost of transportation consists of cargo volume, length of haul and other conditions of delivery process. Speed of delivery by tramp fleet will be higher than the one involving line traffic due to the absence of intermediate calls. Ports are not always linked between each other with the line traffic, this is why the charter of vessels is sometimes the only solution for cargo transportation.

Advantages of sea freight shipping by FESCO

  • Both spot charter and time charter are possible
  • Both regular and one-time freight
  • Extensive geography of cargo transportation by sea
  • Possibility of unloading to non-dedicated shore, including cargo delivery to Antarctic stations
  • Freight of third-party tonnage
  • Payment of stevedore costs agreed by the parties upon the price calculation
  • Passing of cargo through Russian borders without delay

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