Charter of vessels

Charter of vessels

FESCO Transportation Group provides charter of ships. We can pick up any vessels to provide necessary transportation services to you.

Charter of ships is a reliable, affordable and convenient form of transportation. The tramp fleet, managed by FESCO Transportation Group, is capable of transporting any type of cargo.

The tramp fleet doesn’t work under a fixed schedule between designated ports, therefore tramp fleet is more flexible. Freight rates depend on the conditions of shipping, the amount of cargo and it is set by time-charter by mutual agreement.

The advantages of the tramp fleet, in contrast to the liner fleet, are following:

  • High mobility
  • Providing both regular and single shipping
  • Possibility of hiring of vessels for a specific period of time (time-charter)
  • Maximum broad shipping geography due to tramp ships
  • Possibility of a third-party freight tonnage by client’s cargo
  • Possibility of unloading on unequipped shore, including the provision of Antarctic stations
  • The optimum freight rate

Please dial 8 800-23-444-99 to ask about freight rates and conditions of transportation.

Contact information

Vladimir V. Chabrov
FESCO Fleet department director (Vladivostok)
Phone: +7 (423) 252-10-10,
E-mail: vchabrov@fesco.com

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