FESCO Baltorient Line (FBOL) Service Europe-Russian Far East and inland

Sea freight shipping Europe - Russian Far East and inland (FBOL)

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Types of transported cargo:

  • Dry cargo (containers 20 DV, 40 DV, 40 НС);
  • Oversized cargo (containers 20 OT/FR, 40 OT/FR);
  • Hazardous cargo

Oversized, hazardous cargo, as well as containers with heavy load are transported with a preliminary confirmation of the rate and the possibility of transportation.

Transported containers:

  • SOC и COC — to Russia.

Service options:

  • Sea transport from Europe to Vostochniy and Vladivostok with transshipment in Shanghai (containers SOS and SOC);
  • Sea transport to Vostochniy and Vladivostok with further transportation by sea to the ports of Magadan, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Korsakov (containers SOS and SOC);
  • Sea transport from Europe to Vostochniy Port and Vladivostok with road shipment of goods that have been cleared in the port in the Far East region or shipment in the internal customs transit (SOS and SOC containers);
  • Sea transport from Europe to Vostochniy and Vladivostok with transportation by rail to inland Russia (containers SOS and SOC);
  • Sea transport from Europe to Korsakov / Kholmsk with transshipment in Busan.

Complex service, including transportation by FESCO sea services, cargo handling at terminals, road and rail freight shipment to the consignee's warehouse, issue of a through bill of lading.

Weekly service.

The estimated transit time for cargo shipment from the ports of Europe to the ports of the Far East (Vostochniy and Vladivostok) is 45-50 days.

Customer benefits:

  • The possibility of supplying its own equipment for loading in Europe;
  • The possibility of organizing cargo shipment from the port of discharge by road, including the terms of temporary customs transit;
  • The possibility of transportation the oversized cargo in containers Flat Rack and Open-Top;
  • A wide geography of transportation - the possibility of shipping containerized cargo with the return of empty containers in more than 50 Russian cities.

Sales offices