Sea freight shipping

Sea freight shipping

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Supplying of goods around the world

Charter of vessels

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Bulk shipping

Transportation of cargoes under the Northern Supply Haul

Sea freight shipping, as a rule, is used for intercontinental transportation of raw materials, goods and equipment. Its main advantages include absence of significant restrictions to the parameters and type of cargo, as well as a low cost of this service.

At the moment, sea freight shipping is carried out with the use of various equipment and a wide range of services, which makes it possible to deliver goods timely and efficiently. FESCO serves the key routes - the Russian Federation, the countries of the Middle and Far East, Africa, Europe and Southeast Asia. International sea container transportations are carried out from China, the United States, Korea, European and other countries. To optimize costs, customers are offered multimodal transportation schemes that make the delivery of cargoes more affordable without losing the quality of the service.

Containers are transported by sea with control of cargo condition and dispatching support, and clients have access to information on actual promotion of goods. FESCO employees’ high professionalism, as well as well-established work patterns in the company, make it possible to offer an optimally balanced version of transporting raw materials, goods and equipment.

FESCO has a fleet of 20 vessels with the total deadweight of 298 thousand tons. FESCO fleet includes 12 container ships, three general cargo ships, four multi-purpose ice-class ships of “Sokol” type and one ice-breaking vessel. FESCO Maritime division participates in special projects of transporting goods and provides services for delivery cargoes to unequipped coast using FESCO own self-propelled barges. FESCO vessels carry out shipping on FESCO own cabotage and export-import sea line services and provide maximum safety of transported goods, compliance with terms and regularity of the sea lines.



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