FESCO and Daikin team up. First Zestia trial in Russia

To become number one in your market, you need to meet the expectations of all your customers. That means you need to prove the performance and advantage of your equipment or service on a constant basis.

And that’s why Daikin and FESCO, Russia’s leading reefer container carrier, who is keen to provide the best reefer service to their clients in Russia and Asia-Pacific region, have agreed to conduct an 18-month trial of ten reefer containers fitted with Zestia units.

The new trial will allow Daikin and FESCO to test and confirm the performance of our Zestia units under daily requirements, to confirm that the machine can guarantee the best service for the very demanding business of transporting perishables by rail across Russia. Running until April 2016, the trials demonstrate that Zestia is ready to satisfy market requirements and, we will focus. Russian users on the considerable power and cost saving that modern, innovative reefer equipment can deliver.

As noted elsewhere in this edition, Daikin’s R&D team has spent the last four years making continual refinements to the Zestia unit to attain higher level of reliability and performance. While developing the original design launched in 2011, our R&D team also took into account previous experience with our LXE machine, which has been operating successfully on the Russian rail system since 2004.

Daikin is grateful to be given this chance to cooperate with FESCO, the biggest player in the Russian market and to share information with the highly experienced specialists of FESCO and Dalreftrans. We hope and trust that this is not just a first trail of Zestia, but rather a first step in new ways of collaborating with existing customers, and fostering a mutual approach to new customers in Russia.

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