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FESCO transports three transformers from Novorossiysk for Moscow central heating and power plants

23 May 2018

FESCO Transportation Group has provided for delivery of three transformers from Novorossiysk for the Moscow CHPPs. Each transformer weighs 167 tons, with an overall size of 8.5 m x 3.2 m x 4.1 m.

Each transformer was transported in a separate lot. Within the frames of the project, FESCO specialists developed an individual transportation scheme and ensured the delivery of transformers fr om Novorossiysk to the installation sites at CHPPs.

Transshipment and loading in port were carried out directly from ships to special railway transporters, on which oversized cargo was transported to stations of the Moscow railway, wh ere transformers were loaded onto motor vehicles. On the sites of central heating and power plants the unloading of transformers was carried out by a rigging method with further movement to transformer tracks and installation on special transformer carriages. The equipment was delivered safely and in the exact agreed time.

The total time of the project was three months, taking into account the breaks between delivery of separate lots, the average time of transportation of each lot was 15-20 days.

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