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Buy-back of FESCO’s BO-01 и BO-02 series exchange-traded bonds based on irrevocable public tender offers

1 October 2019

FESCO Transportation Group (the “Group or “FESCO”) announces the results of recently expired irrevocable public offers to holders of FESCO PLC’s BO-01 and BO-02 series exchange-traded bonds.

The total numbers of repurchased securities are:

  • 6,658 BO-01 series bonds from 22 investors;

  • 29,942 BO-02 series bonds from 112 investors.

As of today, 3,758 BO-02 series and 34,424 BO-01 series bonds that are not challenged in court proceedings remain outstanding for a total of more than RUB 45 m. The Group is ready to repurchase them from each investor under the terms of the offer, i.e. for the sum of par value and outstanding coupon payments.

For additional information on the debt instruments, please contact FESCO’s IR Department from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm Moscow time (Dmitry Ivanov, Fatima Bzhemukhova; tel.: +7 495 780 6002; e-mail:

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