Cargo Volumes Handled by Commercial Port of Vladivostok for 7 Months 2018 Exceed Cargo Volumes in Full Year 2016

03 August

Commercial Port of Vladivostok (VMTP, part of FESCO Transportation Group) has handled more than 5.8 mln tons of various cargos for 7 months in 2018. This handling volume already exceeds the volume of full year 2016 and the volume handled for 7 months in 2017 (by 40%).

From January to July 2018, the port has demonstrated the biggest growth in handling ferrous metals, cars, heavy-duty vehicles and containers. The volume of general cargos handled by the port has increased by 76% to the same period 2017, from 1.67 mln to 2.94 mln tons including ferrous metals, from 0.78 mln tons to 1.89 mln tons (2.4 times growth). The volume containers has grown by 16% from 253 thousand TEU to 294 thousand TEU and the volume of cars and heavy-duty vehicles, by 83% from 18 thousand items to 33 thousand items.

Commercial Port of Vladivostok handled 5.6 mln tons of cargo in 2016, a record volume of 7.5 mln tons was handled in 2017, and a new overtime record volume of 10 mln tons is expected to be reached by the end of 2018.

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