FESCO and Rusagro to Arrange Special-Purpose Site based on Port of Vladivostok Infrastructure to handle Agricultural Products

20 September 2016

FESCO Transportation Group and Rusagro Group have signed an Agreement of intent to arrange a special-purpose technology based on the Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port (part of FESCO Group) infrastructure to handle export agricultural products.

The Agreement is intended to optimize the supply logistics of Rusagro goods to the Asia Pacific countries through the new technologies implementation and special-purpose container utilization. The development of infrastructure allows enhancing the external competitiveness of the products and increasing export volumes handled through the Russian Far East without significant investments.

“Rusagro Group is developing its business in the Russian Far East. The volumes for sale are increasing due to the growth of land bank and improvement in farming. The signed Agreement is the essential part of the operational optimization and expansion of customer base,” said Maxim Basov, Rusagro CEO.

“Since starting the cooperation with Rusagro in 2015 FESCO is constantly developing its services to provide full logistics support for the client. We appreciate our core clients and we are focusing on efficiency and services improvement. We are planning to agree final terms of the project for the new site in the nearest future in order to start its implementation in 2017,” commented Alexander Isurin, FESCO President.

In 2015, Rusagro Group and FESCO signed a cooperation agreement to increase transshipments of export grain through the Port of Vladivostok, and later concluded a contract to handle Rusagro grain. First shipments started in January 2016.

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