FESCO branch office in Vladivostok and trade unions signed a new collective agreement until 2022

25 June

FESCO Branch office in Vladivostok ("Branch", a member of FESCO Transportation Group) and trade union organizations of Seafarers’ union and Water transport workers’ union* entered into a new collective agreement applicable from 1 July 2019 until 30 June 2022.

As a result of negotiations, the parties agreed upon raising wages to seafarers of the Branch, particularly to the rank-and-file seafarers – by an average of 30%, to the command staff – by an average of 5-10%, at the same time, annual salary indexation will be maintained due to the increase in consumer prices. New agreement also provides extensive social package: additions are made for providing financial support on parental leave, the financial aid on the death of close family members is doubled, there will also be new type of financial aid to families of deceased workers, besides the increase in life insurance payments, the compensation for vouchers for the worker’s kids will be also increased.

“Relations with the trade union organizations have always been important to FESCO. In the present-day conditions we are especially focused on social needs of our workers and trying to maintain high standards in social responsibility”, - Igor Sharkov, the director of the Branch,said.

As Nikolay Zadoyanov, chairman of Russia Seafarers’ Union Primary trade union organization of seafarers of FESCO, noted: “In the course of negotiations, the unions and FESCO had a meaningful dialogue. Can’t help noticing the facts of providing social security to workers and increasing seafarers’ wages as a result of the employer’s attention to the responsibilities”.

* The collective agreement is concluded between the branch of Far Eastern Shipping Company PJSC in Vladivostok, represented by Sharkov Igor Ivanovich, the director of FESCO Branch in Vladivostok, and the employees of FESCO Branch in Vladivostok represented by their authorized representatives Zadoyanov Nikolay Grigorievich and Nakonechnaya Galina Grigoryevna, acting on the basis of the Provisions of the Seafarers’ Union Primary trade union organization of seafarers of FESCO of and Primary Trade Union Organization of FESCO Vladivostok Branch Management of Water Transport Workers’ Union of the Russian Federation.

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