FESCO carried out a unique transportation

12 November 2009
Far Eastern Shipping Company has carried out a unique transportation and unloaded a pneumatic-tired mobile frame crane, made by Japan Company “TSM” specially for “Dalreftrans”, Ltd. (a member of FESCO Transportation Group).

Uniqueness of transportation and unloading is that the crane transportation was carried out bodily on the Ro-Ro vessel FESCO Nikolay. Usually special barges carry such cranes. Non-standard approach to the bulky cargo transportation allowed FESCO to reduce expenses on the crane transportation by 50 thousand dollars.

Crane unloading was carried out under the specially developed discharge project on the 16th berth of “Vladivostok Container Terminal” LLC with the assistance of two cranes “Gottwald” of a carrying capacity of 100 tons.

It provided use of the additional rigging equipment as the gross weight of construction was 135 tons.

New crane is intended for work in a rear zone of the container terminal and has the capability to handle 7 numbers of the containers in width and 4 in height. This crane is the first crane of similar type in the port. Unlike available track-mounted cranes, it’s equipped with 16 air castors, which are capable to turn 90 degrees that promotes to increase the speed and maneuverability. The crane is planned to use for handling a rolling-stock and transit cargoes. It will allow to increase track capacity by 18000 TEU in a year.

For the moment the arrival of Japanese experts is being expected for installation and start-up works and staff training.

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