FESCO completed winter navigation in the Tatar Strait and at Aniva Bay

05 April 2016
FESCO icebreakers «Kapitan Khlebnikov», «Admiral Makarov» and «Krasin» finished winter navigation at Far East by providing vessels’ pilotage under the Projects «Sakhalin-1» and «Sakhalin-2» and at the port of Vanino.
FESCO completed winter navigation in the Tatar Strait and at Aniva Bay

Since 1st February till 21 March 2016 the icebreaker «Kapitan Khlebnikov», commanded by Captain Alexander Stelmakh, was on duty at Aniva Bay. Ice conditions in this area were favorable, and tankers and gas carrier vessels under the Project «Sakhalin-2» went to/from the port of Prigorodnoye by themselves. Since December 2015 till March 2016 the icebreakers «Admiral Makarov» (Captain Anatoliy Kovalenko) and «Krasin» (Captain Leonid Budrys) worked in the Tatar Strait, providing pilotage of Aframax crude oil tankers (deadweight over 100,000 tons) to/from the port of De-Kastri under the Project «Sakhalin-1». The level of complexity of the ice conditions in winter navigation 2015–2016 years in the Tatar Strait refers to the average. Pilotages were accomplished by one icebreaker. Generally 53 pilotages were done to/from De-Kastri: «Krasin» made 24 of them and «Admiral Makarov» — 29. During winter navigation tankers carried about 2.65 million tons of oil.

FESCO Transportation Group provides pilotage of tankers and gas carrier vessels in ice conditions on a regular basis: FESCO cooperates with Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd. (operator of the"Sakhalin-2» Project) at eight times and under the contract with Exxon Neftegas Limited (operator of the"Sakhalin-1» Project) at tenth.

Moreover, in January-March 2016 icebreakers «Admiral Makarov» and «Krasin» provided navigation of the vessels at the port of Vanino under the contract with Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Rosmorport». Totally the icebreakers accomplished 33 pilotages: «Krasin» made 23 pilotages and «Admiral Makarov» — 10.

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