FESCO completes delivery of production equipment to Great Wall Motors plant being built in the Tula region

25 December 2018

FESCO Transportation Group (the Group) has completed the delivery of production equipment from China to the Haval car plant being constructed in the Tula region.

FESCO completes delivery of production equipment to Great Wall Motors plant being built in the Tula region

The delivery was carried out under the contract with Haval Motor Manufacturing Rus LLC, a subsidiary of Chinese car manufacturer Great Wall Motors.

The total volume of the transported containers exceeded 2 000 TEU. The transported oversized heavy equipment weighed 3 000 tons.

The Group provided the client with the whole range of logistics services, including the development of individual container transportation routes: multimodal delivery to the Uzlovaya industrial park from Shanghai through Vladivostok and onland transportation from Tianjin through Mongolia (border crossings Erenhot /Zamyn-Uud/Naushki). The delivery term for the first route was 20-22 days, and for the second route, 16 days. For onland transportation of the equipment, the Group used FESCO's own containers and platforms as well as its partners' rolling stock.

The oversized heavy equipment (pressing line, metal-forming line, painting, metal-forming equipment for production of vehicle body parts) of the total weight of 3 000 tons and the total volume of 9 000 cubic meters was delivered in three lots. The cargoes were transported from the Chinese ports to the port of Bronka. Then, two lots were transported to the construction site by road transport. The third lot (pressing line equipment) was transported under the special logistics project: to the river port of Kolomna by barge, and, after unloading with the specialized portal system and modular hydraulic trailers, by specialized road transport escorted by pilot cars and the road police cars to the destination point. The maximum weight of a cargo item was 145 tons.

The delivery to the Haval car plant became one of the largest projects implemented by the Group in the project logistics segment in 2018. Expansion of the portfolio of contracts with major customers and increasing the amount of work with oversized heavy equipment are the priority activities of FESCO business development.

In autumn 2015, Great Wall Motors started construction of an own plant for manufacturing Haval cars in the Tula region. The investment project is implemented by its subsidiary – Haval Motor Manufacturing Rus LLC. The plant, which will have a total area of 2.16 million square meters, is planned to be operational in 2019. The industrial complex will include metal press, fabrication, assembly and painting shops.  The capacity of the plant is 150 000 cars per year.

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