FESCO confirmed its adequacy to the International Codex of Navigation Security Control

26 November 2004
On the 26th of November at PLC FESCO the annual examination of Security Control System, which confirmed its accordance to the International Codex of Navigation Security Control, was completed.

The held examination is the external audit of accordance to the Codex. Experts of Russian Maritime Navigation Register carried out the examination.

In accordance with the adopted order, shipping companies after receipt of the Document of company’s conformity to the Navigation Security Codex should annually confirm the accordance to the International Codex of Navigation Security Control.

By the words of FESCO President Evgeniy N. Ambrosov, «the administration of the company always pays special attention to the issues of Navigation Security. The importance of such approach proved to be right in connection with the tragic occurrences, which happened recently in the Far East with ships under «the convenient flag.»

As Ambrosov emphasized, «one of the main principles of FESCO is the full accordance to all international Conventions and Codes and also to the standards recommended by the international organizations and classification society. And therefore, for instance, FESCO is one of the first Russian transport companies, which received the Certificate of Quality Management System’s conformity to the standards of ISO 9001: 2000».

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