FESCO DIOMID — the largest cargo vessel in Vladivostok

07 December 2010
On December, 12th the biggest in Far Eastern shipping history container vessel FESCO Diomid will arrive to the port of Vladivostok to be handled on the Vladivostok Container Terminal.

FESCO Diomid is the largest container vessel which FESCO will operate for the first time in 130-years history. This container vessel will carry out cargo transportation to ports of Vladivostok, Vostochniy and any other Far Eastern port. With deadweight of just under 42 thousand tons it has a capacity to load 3.091 TEUs, with 450 on-deck and another 200 stowage hold reefer places. With the length of 220, 5 m and width of 32,2 m and a propulsion unit of 26.270kWt the vessel can operate at a service speed of 21 knots. One more speciality is that the vessel is equipped with the modern system of electronic cartography not requiring paper maps. The crew includes 17 persons. FESCO Diomid will be called to the port of Vladivostok by Oleg Agaev, one of the company’s most experienced captain. Because of largeness, the vessel will take places of two berths of Vladivostok Container Terminal – 16th and 17th.

FESCO Diomid vessel was built at the Stocznia Szczecinska Nowa Docks in Poland in 2009. Since that time, it carried out cargo transportation from the ports of China to ports of India and the Persian Gulf. One year ago FESCO Transportation Group planned to re-route FESCO Diomid to FESCO lines, which link ports of China, Korea, Japan and Russian Far East. Actually, because of increasing cargo traffic from China, vessel operation on FESCO China Direct Line seems to be prospective. The container vessel FESCO Diomid will arrive to Vladivostok on December, 12th with the first cargoes from China.

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