FESCO extend container cargo transportation.

12 August 2004
The growth of container number which FESCO transporting at first half-year of 2004 is 29.6% as compared with analogous period of last year.

In January- June 2004 FESCO ships transporting on export-import directions and cabotage lines over 70 thousand tons cargo in containers (85 000 TEU).
During analogous period of last year on all direction transporting more than 80 thousand tons cargo (65 000 TEU).

In cross-trade on a result of six month 2004 FESCO transporting 65 220 TEU (with analogous period of 2003 - 47 420 TEU), in cabotage – 18 945 TEU (against 17 541 TEU in 2003).

FESCO realize the transportation of general, bulked and refrigerated types of cargo.

Fleet of FESCO include 75 ships. It is 22 containerships, 10 refrigerator ships, 12 bulkers, 6 special ice- breaker transporting ships, 2 ships type Ro-Ro, 2 passenger ships.

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