FESCO has delivered heavy-weight large-size equipment (total weight 2 000 tons) to the construction site of the Kola yard

18 October
FESCO Transportation Group has delivered heavy-weight large-size equipment (1 742 tons) from Murmansk to the site of the Offshore Superfacility Construction Yard (OSCY) located in Belokamenka settlement (Murmansk region).

The delivered equipment included drilling rigs, tracked and wheeled mobile cranes and their components. Heavy parts weighing from 34 to 78 tons each were transported using a barge-towing arrangement, and the rest parts were delivered by cars.

To implement the project, FESCO developed an individual transportation scheme which included unloading in the port of Murmansk and customs clearance at the Customs Post of Murmansk and the Excise Customs of St. Petersburg. For safe cargo handling in the port of Murmansk, FESCO developed slinging techniques, selected the certified lifting equipment, and delivered to the port the lifting frame and riggings for handling operations.

NOVATEK PJSC implements a project of the construction of the Offshore Superfacility Construction Yard (OSCY) in Belokamenka for the production of unique marine facilities: LNG plants on reinforced concrete gravity platforms. The first plants will be produced for the Arctic LNG-2 Project.

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