FESCO icebreakers will provide icebreaker supply to Koryakya and Magadan

10 March 2005
FESCO icebreaker “Magadan” left the port Magadan to provide pilotage of tanker with fuel for Koryaksky autonomous okrug.

In accordance with decision of selector meeting, held among regions of Far-East on the 7–8 of March under the direction of plenipotentiary representative of President in Far-Eastern federal region K. Pulikovsky, and also according to the decree of Federal Agency of Sea and River Transport Director v. V. Rucksha FESCO icebreaker «Magadan» on the 8th of March was sent to the north-eastern part of Kamchatka peninsula (area of Korf Bay), where it will provide pilotage of vessels with fuel to the portpoints of the eastern part of Koryaksky autonomous okrug.

FESCO icebreaker will be to provide pilotage of the tanker with 1000 tons of diesel oil and 500 tons kerosene aboard, which will be loaded from port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky with the place of consignment to Korf point of Koryaksky autonomous okrug. On condition that the weather will be fine the arrival of icebreaker «Magadan» to Korf Bay is expected on the 13th of March. Then the icebreaker will provide pilotage of vessels with necessary for okrug needs cargo to the principal portpoints of Koryakiya.

FESCO Director General Evgeniy Ambrosov reported «in accordance with the plan, made out by FESCO PLC conjointly with Federal Agency of Sea and River Transport and „Rosmorport“, to change icebreaker „Magadan“ on the 10th of March from the port Vladivostok icebreaker „Krasin“ is going to weigh anchor to the northern part of the Okhotsky Sea. The icebreaker will continue the work, which was provided by icebreaker „Magadan“ from the beginning of winter navigation, on pilotage of vessels with cargo for the port Magadan, where the ice conditions although are moderate, but nevertheless demand participation of the icebreaker approximately till the middle of May.»

At the present in Koryaksky okrug virtually the northern delivery has been broken up and precarious situation is being formed — up to now a number of settlements stays without power.

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