FESCO Launches a New Block Train on the Vladivostok — Moscow Route to Horvino

28 January 2016
FESCO Transportation Group launches FESCO Moscow Shuttle Khovrino (FMSKh), which is a new block train on the route from Vladivostok station to Horvino station on Oktyabrskaya Railway. FMSKh is another railway component of regular FESCO intermodal services.

The first shipment is scheduled for the beginning of February, 2016. The block trains will depart from Vladivostok once a week, on schedule. Total transit time to T1 Horvino terminal is 10 days.

FMSKh is geared toward cargo shipped from ports in Southeast Asia through the Vladivostok Sea Port in both FESCO containers and shipper owned containers, as well as cargo shipped from the Far East. The service will, first and foremost, expand opportunities for clients carrying out shipments in bonded transit mode. Shipments that have undergone customs clearance in Vladivostok will be accepted as well.

FMSKh is an addition to the existing FESCO Moscow Shuttles arriving at the Silikatnaya station and the Kupavna station of the Moscow Railway. The expansion of the number of receiving stations is aimed at optimization logistics and reduction costs of FESCO clients through the operation of three key terminals of the Moscow region located in the south, north and east of the capital.

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