FESCO launches new service to deliver cargoes from Japan to Moscow faster

27 April 2018

FESCO Transportation Group launches the “Direct Route” (Hayamichi, はやみち【早道】), a new regular service providing fast delivery for containers transported from sea ports of Japan to Moscow via the Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port (“VMTP”).

FESCO launches new service to deliver cargoes from Japan to Moscow faster

Delivery time from Japan to Moscow is 27 days now. FESCO reduces it up to 20 days (depending on port of dispatch) by streamlining end-to-end transportation, e.g. transit time from port of Toyama to Moscow is 15 days. The intermodal chain includes sea transportation via Japan Trans-Siberian Line (JTSL), which takes up to 7 days, handling and railway loading at VMTP - up to 3 days, and railway transportation by the Trans-Siberian Railway to Moscow - up to 10 days. “Direct Route” is based on FESCO’s own facilities such as regular sea and railway lines, as well as port and containers. The transportation is carried out from the ports of Yokohama, Shimizu, Nagoya, Kobe, Toyama.

“Direct Route” was presented to clients as part of the TransRussia Agency 10th anniversary celebrated in Japan earlier this week. TransRussia Agency was established by FESCO in partnership with Mitsui O.S. K. Lines and Azuma Shipping to be in business in Japan. FESCO’s clients gave good feedback to the new service, and local authorities supported it as well.

“Direct Route” is a part of the project aimed to expand network of regular and fast routes using FESCO’s own services from the Asia-Pacific region to Russia. The first route of the project is «From Shanghai to Moscow in 20 days» launched in January 2017. More than 70% of cargoes transported on the route are delivered in under 20 days now.

25%* of imported goods from Japan to the Russian Far East are carried out by FESCO JTSL service. JTSL connects two countries for more than 25 years, and it is the only direct sea line between ports of Japan and Russia.

*excluding cargoes for the Sollers plant

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