FESCO new vessel started working on a regular sea line connecting Magadan and Primorski Krai

11 September 2019
FESCO Transportation Group (“FESCO”, the “Group”) set up a new vessel to operate on a regular service FESCO Magadan Line (“FML”), connecting the port of Magadan and the ports of Vladivostok and Vostochny. The containership FESCO Magadan moved to operations on the line at the beginning of September.
FESCO new vessel started working on a regular sea line connecting Magadan and Primorski Krai

The containership departed from Vladivostok on September 4 and arrived at the port of Magadan on September 9. The vessel delivered over 6,500 tons of various cargoes, such as food products, industrial goods, machinery and equipment.

The containership meeting ceremony took place at Magadan Commercial Sea Port on September 10. The First Deputy Prime Minister of the Magadan region Yurii Bodiaev, Mayor of Magadan city Yurii Grishan, Director of FESCO branch in Vladivostok Igor Sharkov and Director of FIT branch in Vladivostok Vadim Vetolskii attended the ceremony.

FESCO Magadan joined FESCO fleet in July 2019. The vessel full capacity is 822 TEU, Arc4 ice class complies with the standards needed to operate in the northern part of the Sea of Okhotsk during winter season.

FML Service provides transportation of any cargoes in dry, reefer COC and SOC containers via inter-port traffic and direct intermodal railway and marine traffic, as well as transportation of general cargoes along the following rotation: Vladivostok/Vostochny-Magadan-Vladivostok/Vostochny. The line is operated by FESCO Magadan containership and FESCO Posyet universal bulk carrier.

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