FESCO reduces delivery time from 31 to 20 days for each third container transported from Shanghai to Moscow

20 December

Over the year of implementing the project “Shanghai-Moscow in 20 days”, from December 2016 FESCO Transportation Group has reduced the average time of cargo delivery from Shanghai to Moscow by six days, from 31 to 25 days. Now, FESCO transports 60% of containers in less than 25 days, at that more than 30% of goods are transported to Moscow in 15-20 days, i.e. almost every third container, and another 28% - in 21-25 days.

Reduction of delivery time was made possible by streamlining separate links of the intermodal chain, as well as by building a pass-through technology, that is improving interaction between different types of transport. Transit time from Shanghai to Vladivostok was reduced by two days to three days due to improvements in the regular FESCO China Direct Line, idle hours in port – by two days to three days by improving the pass-through technology at junction port-railway; speed of rail transportation on route Vladivostok-Moscow was also increased. Introduction of the system of preliminary informing in the Commercial Port of Vladivostok alloweded to reduce the time of customs clearance to few hours. Standardization of documentation and information flow, automation of interactions between all participants of transportation made FESCO services more advantageous for customers. Thus, in a year of implementing the project “Shanghai-Moscow in 20 days” FESCO managed to transfer expedited transportations of cargo (in less than 21 day) into its key system, making them mass from single.

In 2018, due to growth of the rolling stock fleet and further optimization of various parts of the transportation process FESCO plans to reduce transit time on route Shanghai-Moscow to 18 days and to implement the technology of operation polished on this direction in other services.

Delivery time on alternative route via the Suez Canal is 45-48 days.

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