FESCO Regular Train from Vladivostok to St. Petersburg has transported 1,500 TEU since its launch 3 months ago

15 November

For 3 months of operation of the regular train FESCO Baltic Shuttle (FBS), FESCO Transportation Group has transported 1,500 TEU by 11 trains from Vladivostok to St. Petersburg.

FBS participates in the expedited delivery service Ji-Rum-Gil from Busan to St. Petersburg launched by FESCO and Hyundai Glovis in August 2018: delivery of spare parts and components to the Russian plant of Hyundai Motor. In addition, the train delivers goods arriving in Vladivostok from other ports of the Asia-Pacific region to the Shushary station. The transit of rail delivery is 10-12 days. The minimum total delivery time from Busan and from the ports of direct FESCO ship entries in China is 15 days and 23-25 days correspondingly. FBS operates on a weekly timetable.

As part of the service, FESCO provides a full range of related services at the terminals of departure and destination stations, including the deconsolidation of containers and delivery to recipients' warehouses.

FESCO launched Ji-Rum-Gil, fast delivery from the Republic of Korea to Russia, in summer 2018, opening Busan - Moscow route in June and Busan - St. Petersburg route in August. The new services are a part of the FESCO Fast Forward project aimed at developing the network of routes for fast regular transportation from the ports of the Asia-Pacific region to Russia through the Far East. The average delivery time from Busan to Moscow and St. Petersburg by conventional services through the Far East is 21-23 days, and through the Suez Canal is about 40 days. 

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