FESCO sent the first container train with cars from China to the Bely Rast Terminal and Logistics Center

09 February
FESCO Transportation Group (“FESCO”) has sent the first container train loaded with cars from the city of Chongqing (China) to the Bely Rast Terminal and Logistics Center via Mongolia.
The route goes through the border checkpoints of Erlian/Zamyn-Uud/Naushki. The first train consisting of fifty 40FT containers loaded with 150 cars arrived at the Bely Rast Terminal and Logistics Center (a joint venture of RZD JSC and Liaoning Port Group) on 5 February 2021.

Shipments will be carried out 3-4 times per month. Transit time is about 16 days. The planned transport volume is 300-400 TEU per month.

FESCO has considerable experience in transporting containerized imported cars and semi-knocked-down kits for assembling cars in Russia to the Great Wall factory located in Tula region.

The Bely Rast Terminal and Logistics Center includes a container-piggyback terminal with a processing capacity of up to 275 000 TEU per year, as well as a complex of distribution universal warehouses and an inert cargo terminal. The terminal has three loading and unloading railways with a length of 1050 m and a container storage warehouse with a capacity of 3100 TEU. The terminal also has intraterminal roads, a parking lot for trucks and an accommodation building for the employees of the Center and the customs.

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