FESCO Starts Regular LCL Shipments from China to Russia through Vladivostok

17 April 2017

FESCO Transportation Group is launching weekly less-than-container-load (LCL) deliveries from China to Russia through the Commercial Port of Vladivostok using FESCO's existing services.

The new LCL service above all targets customers that require one-off or regular shipments of small commercial consignments, allowing for LCL cargoes of different shippers to be transported in one container. With the freight rate calculated pro rata the cargo volume of each shipper, it offers considerable cost-saving benefits.  The minimum shipping weight is 50 kg.

FESCO's LCL shipping is a comprehensive service offering, including transportation between warehouses, delivery by sea, rail, and car, customs clearance, insurance, storage, and container tracking.

Going forward, FESCO plans to expand its LCL shipping coverage to South Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia.


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