FESCO starts supplying of goods to northern Russia

23 June 2017

FESCO Transportation Group has started the transportation of cargoes under the Northern Supply Haul, by increasing the number of the vessels involved in this project comparing to last year. Delivery of vital goods to the Northern Territories of Russia will last from June to November this year. 

FESCO starts supplying of goods to northern Russia

FESCO seven ice-class vessels (timber carrier, container ships and multi-purpose dry cargo ships) will deliver goods to the Chukchi port of Pevek and the Arctic ports, including unloading to the unequipped coast using self-propelled barges and tractors. The diesel-electric ship “Vasiliy Golovnin” will provide transportation along the Northern Sea Route (NSR) from the west to the east.

Since June 12, the goods of the Northern Supply Haul have been delivering on a regular coastline "FESCO Anadyr Direct Line". FESCO container vessels "Kapitan Sergievskiy" and "Kapitan Krems" carry out transportation on the route Vladivostok - Anadyr - Egvekinot - Vladivostok. During the navigation it is planned to make six consecutive voyages on this schedule.

FESCO vessels, operating during the summer navigation on the NSR, are under special training, taking into account all the risks of working in the north. FESCO participates in the Northern Supply Haul annually, by delivering to the local northern residents food, fuel, coal, manufactured goods, construction materials, equipment and machinery.

In 2006 during Summer Navigation in the Eastern Sector of the Arctic Region FESCO fleet provided navigation of 31 vessels which delivered 78 000 tons of general cargo to the ports and the port-points of Chukotka and the NSR and taken out 67 000 tons. The ice-breaker «Admiral Makarov», ice-class general cargo ships “FESCO Pevek” and “FESCO Primorye” took part in the Arctic summer-autumn season transportations. 

FESCO Transportation Group provides high-quality and timely transportation of cargoes during the Northern Supply Haul due to effective management of a diversified portfolio of its own assets. FESCO vessels provide maximum safety of the cargo being transported, compliance with deadlines and regularity of the maritime lines. The high quality of the services provided, reliability and strict observance of delivery schedules are noted in numerous letters of thanks to FESCO ship crews from the management of northern regions and customer companies. FESCO Transportation Group is one of the leaders both in terms of the volume of cargo delivered within the Northern Supply Haul and in the quality of the provided service.

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