FESCO to deliver over 500 tons of “Power Machines” hydraulic equipment from St. Petersburg to the Krasnoyarsk hydropower plant

28 August

FESCO Transportation Group will ensure delivery of two hydraulic turbine wheels, each with a diameter of 8.5 m and weight of 244 tons, from the Leningrad Metal Works in St. Petersburg (part of the Power Machines Corporation) to the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station. These are the heaviest radiaxial wheels in Russia ever produced by Power Machines in the history of hydraulic equipment manufacturing at the Leningrad Metal Works.

For this project, FESCO experts developed an integrated technological transportation scheme that includes unique methods of loading and unloading from docks without specialized equipment, as well as a route and technology for multimodal transportation. Prior to transshipment, the dock area at the dispatch point was reinforced and leveled out and a survey of the depth contour was conducted to ensure safe securing of the vessel at the dock.

On August 26, a floating crane loaded the wheels first to the crane pontoon and then to the river-marine vessel that will take them through the White Sea – Baltic Sea Channel to the White Sea and therefrom through the North Sea Route to the Yenisei and the dock of the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station. Having reached their destination, the hydraulic units will be offloaded to modular trailers and delivered to the station. The expected transit time is 30 days.

Additionally, FESCO will provide inland transportation of 160 tons of auxiliary equipment.

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