FESCO transported 157 000 tons to the Northern Territories of Russia under the northern delivery

27 December 2018

Under the northern delivery-2018 FESCO vessels transported 157 000 tons of vital goods to the residents of the Northern Territories of Russia.

FESCO transported 157 000 tons to the Northern Territories of Russia under the northern delivery

During this summer-autumn navigation, lasted from June to December, FESCO fleet delivered 18 000 tons to Magadan, 29 400 tons were delivered to ports of Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, 110 100 tons of cargo food, consumer goods, motor vehicles, coal and fuel were transported to Kamchatka Krai. This year under the northern delivery project the following FESCO vessels have been working: the diesel-electric ship “Vasiliy Golovnin”, the timber ship “Abakan”, the general cargo ships “FESCO Pevek”, “FESCO Pioner” and “FESCO Primorye”, as well as self-propelled barges for unloading on unequipped coast.

Moreover, transport vessels “Kapitan Krems”, “Ussuri”, “FESCO Posyet” and “FESCO Primorye” were involved in seasonal transportations on container shipping service “FESCO Anadyr Direct Line” (FADL) and carried 1 546 TEUs (total weight 24 100 tons) to Chukotka.

Last year under the northern delivery FESCO worked only in the direction of Chukotka and delivered 21 000 tons of cargo and 1 264 TEUs (with a total weight of 16 186 tons) to the region on the coastal service FADL.

FESCO ice-class vessels annually deliver cargo to the northern ports of Russia during summer navigation period from May to November, thus FESCO successfully provides areas with limited navigation periods with consumer goods. FESCO fleet provides maximum safety of the cargo being transported, compliance with deadlines and regularity of the maritime lines.

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