FESCO transported 21 000 tons of cargo to northern Russia

07 December

FESCO vessels transported national economic goods for Chukotka Autonomous Okrug and other regions of the Russian Federation during northern delivery of cargoes-2017.

FESCO vessels transported national economic goods for Chukotka Autonomous Okrug and other regions of the Russian Federation during northern delivery of cargoes-2017. Since June to November 2017 FESCO fleet delivered 21 000 tons of vital goods to the Northern Territories of Russia, including food products, consumer goods, motor vehicles and fuel. General cargo to the ports of Anadyr, Pevek and Egvekinot was delivered by the timber ship “Abakan” under the command of Captain Sergey Shevchenko, the container ship “Kapitan Krems” (Captain Alexander Nazarov), the diesel-electric ship “Vasiliy Golovnin” under the shift control of the Captains Iksan Yusupov and Alexander Vorobyov, general cargo ships "Amur" (Captain Alexander Bazarov) and "FESCO Pioner" (Captain Mikhail Strizhnev).

Unloading on unequipped coast was carried out by FESCO self-propelled barges.

FESCO transport vessels "Kapitan Krems", "FESCO Pioner", "Amur" operated on the regular coastline "FESCO Anadyr Direct Line", they made six voyages for this navigation and carried 1 264 TEUs (total weight 16 186 tons). In addition, the diesel-electric ship "Vasiliy Golovnin" brought about 4 000 tons of scrap from Franz Josef Land to Arkhangelsk.

FESCO Transportation Group annually delivers vital goods to the Northern Territories of Russia. FESCO vessels provide maximum safety of the cargo being transported, compliance with deadlines and regularity of the maritime lines.

FESCO has a unique experience in navigation in severe Arctic ice, that FESCO seamen annually confirm by working in harsh navigational conditions of the Arctic. More than 100 years ago the steamer setting sail «Kolyma» delivered government cargo to the Kolyma estuary for the first time. FESCO has been providing ships navigation in the Arctic along the Northern Sea Route for more than 60 years. FESCO participated in the project on pilotage of vessels along the route of the NSR at the request of the Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport of the Russian Federation. Also FESCO ice-class vessels deliver general cargo to the northern ports of Russia every year, thus successfully carrying out the program to provide the areas with limited navigation time with national economic cargoes.

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