New FESCO Vessels Launched Operations on the FESCO Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy Line (FPKL)

16 October 2014
Container vessels FESCO Novik and FESCO Navarin have been launched into operation on the FESCO regular sea container service on the Vladivostok — Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy — Vladivostok route.

The FESCO Novik container ship began operations at the end of July 2014; Fesco Navarin — in the beginning of October. Both vessels were acquired in the first half of 2014 in the secondary market and began operations after undergoing routine maintenance. The vessels are intended for the transportation of containers, general cargo and technical equipment.

FESCO Group acquired 6 new vessels in 2013–2014, including four multi-purpose dry cargo ships (FESCO Pevek, FESCO Posyet, FESCO Pioneer and FESCO Primorye) and two container ships (FESCO Novik and VESCO Navarin). All vessels are equipped with ice-breakers required for operating in the Far East region and have high class automation systems. The multi-purpose vessels are also equipped with electrohydraulic cranes for the purpose of unloading cargo onto unimproved port facilities. Thus, FESCO Group offers clients full and high-quality service on its own coastal lines in the Far East in Russia.

Operating the new vessel unit ensures considerable fuel savings while increasing the volume of transported cargo. Greater fuel efficiency allows FESCO to optimize services for their clients. Adhering to top environmental standards by implementing eco-friendly transportation methods is also an important factor that FESCO takes into consideration. The new vessels allow the company to lower CO2 emissions, along with other harmful emissions.

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