On commission from the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East (Minvostokrazvitiya), FESCO delivers first pilot consignment from China to South Korea through the Primorye-2 corridor

18 April 2017
Commissioned by the Far East Investment and Export Agency, FESCO Transportation Group shipped the first pilot consignment from China to South Korea through the Primorye-2 international transport corridor.
As part of the pilot partnered by UGL Consulting Co. Ltd. FESCO's container travelled on the Changchun – Hunchun/Kraskino – Zarubino – Pusan route.

Dispatched from Changchun, China, it arrived in South Korea’s Pusan on 16 April, spending seven days in transit. Out of those, it took the container five days to travel across China to the Hunchunborder crossing and one day to cross the border and reach the Russian port of Zarubino. There it got clearance and boarded the ferry which delivered it to Pusan within another day.
The pilot shipment helped grasp the route details for further study by the Far East Investment and Export Agency to draft dedicated SOPs, plot the route and eliminate transit barriers.

The project offers a real opportunity for the two economies to establish mutually beneficial ties, Alexander Galushka, Minister for the Development of the Russian Far East, said. According to him, Chinese businessmen are already very keen on the project.
Primorye-2 is one of the two corridors connecting China’s north-east to the Russian Far Eastern ports to provide the shortest delivery route between China and the Asia Pacific. The development of international transport corridors going through the Far East is a key driver behind the region's integration in the global economy.

Starting April 2016, FESCO has been making shipments through Primorye-1, using the Commercial Port of Vladivostok. As part of the service, FESCO, the sole operator of the entire intermodal chain, offers seamless transportation of cargo between warehouses, minimum transit time, and competitive pricing.

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