The representatives of Japanese association on trade with Russia visited FESCO

15 April 2005
Far-Eastern Shipping Company was officially visited by the delegation of representatives of Japanese association on trade with Russia and Eastern Europe (ROTOBO) under the direction of Mr. Takagasi.

The main questions, discussed on the meeting, were the current position of FESCO on the market of shipping, problems and perspectives of oil-pipe line and bulk-oil terminal building in the south of Primoriye in Perevoznaya Bay. Also the Japanese part was interested in position of FESCO management on the issue of enlargement of volume of goods flows through the ports of Russian Far East.

On the meeting FESCO Director General Evgeniy Ambrosov spoke that the present-day success of company development during the last years is explained by a number of reasons, among which reduction of current expenses, selection and arrangement of personnel, the active work of the Company on the market of transport and the intensive work of whole collective can be named.

FESCO Director General emphasized that the new ways of Company development for the nearest years are sea container service, shipping of cargoes by bulker and refrigerated cargo fleet of the Company, ship pilotage to the areas with the restricted time of navigation. Among the new projects of FESCO is the project of linking sea shipping with railways through organized and working joint companies «Russkaya Troika» and «Neokont», which allow to deliver cargo to the clients by simplified scheme and for the shortest time.

ROTOBO Association President Mr. Takagasi noted that «the strictly defined prospective plan of FESCO development coincides with the intentions of the Japanese part on assistance to the development plans of Far East».

Regarding to the bulk-oil terminal building in Perevoznaya Bay, Far-Eastern Shipping Company was invited for navigational assessment of building of this object. On collective estimate of building the parties agreed, under the stipulation of strict observance of all technological and ecological requirements, this project can be estimated positively enough.

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