VMTP cancels additional fee for auto pick-up of non-returnable containers

29 July 2015
With the aim of ensuring the commercial attractiveness and comfortable working conditions for clients, the Commercial Port of Vladivostok (VMTP, part of FESCO Transportation Group) is simplifying the procedure for issuing and auto pick-up of import cargo by cancelling the additional fee for pick-up of non-returnable containers.

This step will provide port clients with the opportunity to ship VMTP containers by any convenient type of transport regardless of return deadlines. The introduction of a single rate will allow importers to plan their expenses better. Sea carriers will have more flexibility in terms of operating the container fleet, while auto carriers will be able to process documents faster.

The optimization of VMTP’s work with import cargo that is picked up by auto transport is aimed at the development and expansion of effective and mutually beneficial cooperation between the port and its partners. The implementation of this initiative will also allow easier access to the Far East transport network for VMTP clients.

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