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FESCO Board of Directors Approved New Composition of Management Board
FESCO Transportation Group («Group») announces changes in the Group’s Management Board.
FESCO Opens Seasonal Sea Line Service to Ports of Anadyr and Egvekinot
FESCO Transportation Group opens seasonal sea line service to the ports of Anadyr and Egvekinot on the FESCO Anadyr Direct Line (FADL).
«Vasiliy Golovnin» delivered 2 000 tons of cargo to the Western Arctic
Diesel-electric ship «Vasiliy Golovnin» (FESCO Transportation Group) made voyage to the Western Arctic. During this voyage the vessel discharged at the Golomyanny island (Severnaya Zemlya Archipelago) about 2 176 tons of cargo: building materials, equipment and machinery.
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