Japan Trans-Siberian Line (JTSL)

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JTSL service provides shipment of ordinary, hazardous and reefer cargoes in SOC and COC containers.

Direct regular sea container service on the route
Vostochny — Vladivostok — Tomakomai — Yokohama — Nagoya — Kobe — Moji — Toyamashinko — Vostochny.

Year-round cargo delivery in containers by sea with door-to-door delivery.

Frequency of sailing — twice in a week

Duration of round voyag — 14 days.

Transit time of delivery from ports of Japan:

Vostochny Vladivostok
Toyamashinko 1 day 3 days
Moji 1 day 3 days
Kobe 4 days 6 days
Nagoya 5 days 7 days
Yokohama 5 days 8 days
Tomakomai 10 days 11 days

Busan transshipment regular container service.

Advantages for clients:

  • the only direct sea service, which connects ports of Japan and Russia;
  • more than 25-years experience;
  • the shortest way to deliver cargo in any point of Russia with usage of FESCO rail cars;
  • the combination of the direct service with Busan transshipment allows to render weekly rotation service from Japan ports: Yokogama, Nagoya, Kobe;
  • Busan transshipment allows expanding the geography of cargo delivery to / from Japan;
  • control on the all shipment stages;
  • regular shipments in accordance with liner schedule;
  • vessels handled on modern specialized container terminals.

Sales offices