Uncontainerized sea transportation

Uncontainerized sea transportation

FESCO performs international uncontainerized sea transportation at the key routes – Russia, countries of Middle and Far East, European and South-Asian countries. The Transportation Group offers multimodal delivery solutions to its clients.

About the service

FESCO serves key routes – Russia, the Middle and Far East, Africa, Europe and South-East Asia. International container transportation is carried out from China, the United States, Korea, European and other countries. To optimize costs, customers are offered multi-modal transportation schemes that make delivery more affordable without losing the service quality.
  • General cargo
    Automotive accessories, machinery, equipment, metal products, concrete reinforced structures, timber, cargo in barrels, etc.
  • Refrigerated cargo
    Transportation of goods requiring special temperature conditions: food products, pharmaceuticals
  • Dangerous cargo
    Cargoes of various danger classes: gases, highly flammable liquids and solid substances
  • Bulky cargo
    Construction equipment, generators and distribution points, agricultural and oil equipment

FESCO capabilities

  • 33
    ships in operation
  • >135000 TEU
    TEU in the container park
  • >250
    voyages per year
  • 4
    terminals and Commercial Port of Vladivostok in possession
  • >100
    ports of call all over the world


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