FESCO Moscow Shuttle

Sales offices

Map of service

FESCO Moscow Shuttle service map

Cargo types

  • 20 DV, 40 DV, 40 HC containers

Accepted containers

  • SOC and СОС containers

Service options

Shipping + freight forwarding in port + rail transportation to Moscow.

Delivery to the door in destination points.

Shipping from South-East Asia ports to Vladivostok + freight forwarding in port and shipment by rail to Silikatnaya station (Moscow) - only customs-cleared cargoes ace accepted.

FESCO Moscow Shuttle container train also operates in the opposite direction - from Moscow to Far East.

Rail transportation, container forwarding, and transportation to ports of destination.

Additionally - terminal handling and door-to-door cargo delivery.

Sea shipping in accordance with the shipping line's schedule.

Transportation by rail in accordance with shuttle schedule: 9 times a week.

Transit time from Vladivostok to Moscow by rail is 11 days.

Advantages for clients

  • shortest transit time;
  • optimal schedule matching between sea lines and FESCO Moscow Shuttle rail service;
  • terminal handling optimization in port.;
  • scheduled container train dispatch;
  • availability of FESCO containers in all ports of South-East Asia;
  • transportation under through bill of landing.