Supply chain management

Supply chain management

FESCO manages supply chains. The transportation group collaborates with partner companies all over the world engaging their assets in its 3PL logistics chains.

About service

In the process of cargo transportation FESCO represents interests of cargo owners, assumes responsibilities for cargo delivery, storage and transfer to consignee. While delivering such services FESCO uses its own transportation, terminal, storage, loading and other assets, as well engaged assets when necessary.

Many manufacturing, construction, distribution companies outsource their transportation services. By engaging FESCO as competent 3PL-provider, manufacturers and  vendors of products can be sure of more efficient and cheaper logistics solutions for their cargo.


FESCO 3PL logistics

  • Intra-factory logistics
  • Operations at INK container site
  • Blocking of trains
  • Own port in the Russian Far East (Commercial Port of Vladivostok)
  • Own sea line service to the main ports of Asia Pacific Region

Intra-factory logistics

  • Delivery of final products from production site to storage site
  • Record-keeping of product in/out – stock management at the storage warehouse
  • Addressed storage
  • Warehouse management system
  • Packing of products
  • Loading into containers

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