FESCO Fuel Company

FESCO Fuel Company

FESCO Fuel Company is located in Vladivostok and deals with bunkering marine vessels, fuel supply of production facilities, wholesale trade and transportation of oil products in Russian and foreign ports.


FESCO Fuel Company is engaged in wholesale trade and supply of oil products in Russia and acts as an agent for organizing bunkering abroad. We carry out transportations by rail, sea and road and as well have our own oil transfer tank farm on the territory of Commercial Port of Vladivostok and work directly with oil refineries. Specialists of FESCO Fuel Company have extensive experience in supply and maintenance of vessels of various types: tugboats, tankers, container ships, bulk carriers, as well as locomotives, refrigerated sections and production facilities.

Services of FESCO Fuel Company

Bunkering of marine vessels with fuel and lubricants

Cargo processing and organizing transportations of various types of oil products

Wholesale of oil products

Supply of coastal production facilities (gas stations, boiler houses etc.)

Types of oil products

We work with the following types of oil products:

  • Bunker fuels: comply with the ISO 8217 standard and MARPOL requirements for sulfur content, used for supply of marine fleet.
  • Diesel fuels: comply with requirements of the Technical Regulation for EURO 5 and GOST 32511-2013, are intended for supply of cars, port and shore loading equipment, railway transport.

Advantages of FESCO Fuel Company

  • Extensive experience in providing oil products to fleet and production facilities
  • Working directly with oil refineries
  • Own oil transfer tank farm in Vladivostok
  • Control of the entire fuel supply chain from the manufacturer to the consumer

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