Marine transportation on route Vladivostok Sakhalin, Korsakov (FKDL)

Marine transportation on route Vladivostok Sakhalin, Korsakov (FKDL)

FESCO Korsakov Direct Line (FKDL) — regular marine cargo delivery service to Sakhalin.


FESCO Korsakov Direct Line (FKDL) Service carries out delivery of various types of cargo, including bulky, dangerous and LCL from Vladivostok to Korsakov and in the opposite direction. FKDL vessels depart twice a week and are 2 days en route. Our customers can order delivery of goods both in own containers and in containers of FESCO.

Advantages FKDL

  • Transportation in universal and reefer containers SOC/COC
  • Regular schedule — 1 time per week
  • Short transit time — 2 days only
  • Minimum time of cargo processing at terminals

Regular routes

  • FKDL
Vladivostok Korsakov Vladivostok
2 days

Route map

Types of transported cargo

  • General cargo
  • Dangerous cargo
  • Refrigerated cargo
  • Bulky cargo
  • Consolidated cargo

Rates and schedules

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