Cars and engines fleet

Cars and engines fleet

FESCO is one of Russia’s top 10 private railcar operators providing services under the Transgarant (100%) and Russkaya Troyka (75% minus one share) brands. Transgarant has approximately 16,000 units of rolling stock comprising of 13 different types of railcars, and Russkaya Troyka has approximately 1,570 fitting platforms.

Transgarant railcar fleet (31.07.2016).

type qty
Universal gondola cars   7 785
Fitting flat cars   3 425
Ore pellet cars   1 900
Box cars   1 492
Tanks (oil and petrol)    668
Cement cars   555514
Timber flat cars   167
Tanks (for petroleum gas carriages)   249
Tanks (ammonia)   100
Mineral cars   79
Universal flat cars   1

Main-line locomotives and switch engines

Own fleet of main-line locomotives increases efficiency of owned and leased cars operations and offer our clients service of the most high quaility. Locomotives are used on Octyabrskaya, South-East, South-Urals and Far Eastern Railroads.

The Group operates 4 main line diesel locomotives and 10 shunting locomotives.