FESCO Ural Shuttle container train

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Regular cargo delivery by container shuttle from South-East Asia ports to Ekaterinburg and in the opposite direction via Vladivostok (on the base of shipping line’s and shuttle’s schedule) as well as freight forwarding in port, terminal handling, availability of FESCO containers, door-to-door delivery.

Service map

FESCO Ural Shuttle service map

Cargo types:

  • dry cargo in 20 DV, 40 DV, 40 HC containers
  • SOC and СОС containers

Advantages for clients:

  • The large number of direct services from South-East Asia ports to Vladivostok: the shortest transit time of shipment to Vladivostok from South-East Asia ports;
  • The transit time of shipment from South-East Asia ports via Vladivostok to Ekaterinburg – about 25-35 days;
  • Optimal schedule matching between sea lines and FESCO Ural Shuttle rail service;
  • FESCO container shuttle dispatch from Vladivostok 1 time per week (9 days to Ekaterinburg);
  • Full logistic service with door-to-door delivery in FESCO;
  • Online cargo tracking;
  • Transportation under through bill of lading.

Sales offices