FESCO China Direct Line (FCDL)

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FCDL service provides shipment of general, hazardous cargoes in both SOC and COC equipment, including reefer containers, as well as oversized cargoes using Open Top, Flat Rack equipment.

The routes of «FESCO CHINA DIRECT LINE» is:
North loop: Vladivostok — Vostochny — Pusan — Qingdao — Shanghai — Ningbo — Pusan — Vladivostok.
Main loop: Vladivostok — Vostochny — Yantian — Shekou (Chiwan) — Xiamen — Ningbo — Shanghai — Vladivostok (Including arranging transshipment fm Taiwan via Xiamen and fm Vietnam via Hong Kong under the liner conditions and rates).

Detailed information about rates and schedule you can find here

The Line is served by 3 vessels with capacity of 10826 TEU (main loop) and 4 vessels with capacity of 7893 TEU (north loop). FCDL provides both direct port-port service and transshipment from and to ports of China and SEA using feeder carriers and intermodal services.

Shipment can be carried out in Client’s containers or in FESCO containers (including reefer containers).

Frequency of sailing — twice a week from Shanghai and Ningbo and once in a week from the rest locations of main and north loops (Yantian /Chiwan/ Xiamen/Qingdao/).

Duration of roundtrip voyage — 21 days for main and north loops.

Transit time of delivery from ports of China:

POL / POD Vladivostok Vostochny
Shanghai 2 days 5 days
Ningbo 4 days 7 days
Xiamen 6 days 9 days
Yantian 8 days 11 days
Chiwan 8 days 11 days
Qingdao 9 days 13 days

FCDL — is the sole direct service between ports of China and ports of the Russian Far East.

Main loop:

North loop:

Advantages for clients:

  • perfectly matched shipping line and container train schedules;
  • shipments from ports of China/SEA to any inland destination in Russia using FESCO's maritime and inland services;
  • control on all shipment stages;
  • availability of own transportation equipment (rail vehicles, shipping lines, containers);
  • regular shipment schedule;
  • direct service with no transshipment ports;
  • the shortest transit time;
  • guaranteed fastest container handling at modern specialized container terminals in the Russian Far East.

Sales offices