Sustainable development and social responsibility

Sustainable development and social responsibility

FESCO is one of the oldest companies in Russia. We are proud of our history, during which welfare of our country and our society has always been of major importance for us.
At the heart of everything we do is pursuit of sustainable development. We try to provide all interested parties with conditions where everyone could fully satisfy their social needs and interests.

When making certain decisions FESCO focuses on sustainable development goals outlined in the UN General Assembly resolution adopted on September 25, 2015.

Our principles of responsible business conduct

  • We strive to apply the latest technologies in all areas of our activities
  • We pay taxes on time and in full
  • We take care of health of our employees by improving labor protection technologies
  • We provide decent remuneration, fulfill all social obligations
  • We minimize the ecological footprint and are constantly looking for innovative solutions to protect the environment
  • We implement the best anticorruption practices and comply with high ethical standards of doing business
  • We support development of culture and education in the key region of our presence
  • We help the local community solve the most acute problems systematically and consistently

Areas of work in the field of CSR

General aim of all charity programs of FESCO is systematic solution of the most acute social problems of Primorye, improving quality of life in the region, creating favorable conditions for realizing potential of every resident of the region.

In 2021 FESCO entered the “Leaders of Corporate Charity” rating for the first time and the B+ category (“Best practice”). The rating is compiled by association of grant-giving organizations “Donors Forum” with the support of the Federation Council since 2008 and in partnership with ANO “National Priorities”, Kommersant Publishing House and EY Russia.

Local communities and social initiatives

We are aware that to a large extent success of the Group is related to well-being and sustainable development of local communities in the regions of our presence, primarily in the Primorsky Territory. Therefore, we are undertaking systematic efforts to support such sustainable development and to improve the quality of life of everyone who lives in places somehow connected with our business.

To achieve this, we are conducting a dialogue with public and local authorities. This allows us to track true needs of local communities, correctly assess the need for certain external social and charity programs. Professionals help us assess the future effect: social entrepreneurs, socially oriented non-profit organizations and experts in the field of charity.

It is crucially important for us that all our efforts bring real benefit to those who need help the most. Therefore, we implement all our social initiatives in partnership with recognized professionals.
  • Contest of social projects “Sea of Opportunities” is established to strengthen social partnership between FESCO Transportation Group, the public and state and local government bodies of the Primorsky Territory.

    As part of the contest our Group allocates grants to non-profit organizations, budget institutions and volunteers to solve the most acute social problems of Primorye.

    Since 2020 more than 100 applications have been submitted to this contest, of which 63 social projects received grant support, the beneficiaries of which were more than 15 thousand people. The total amount of social investments in Primorye thanks to the contest exceeded 18 million rubles. Grant fund in 2022 amounted to 8.5 million rubles.

    Go to contest page

Culture support

FESCO traditionally supports various cultural initiatives in the Primorsky Territory, helps create exhibition projects and cultural and educational programs, restore architectural, historical and cultural monuments.

Projects of FESCO in this field contribute to diversity of cultural landscape of the region and allow to create completely new opportunities for inhabitants of the region, which ultimately contributes to economic prosperity of Primorye. In addition, support of various cultural institutions will allow the local community to work more actively with its own historical and cultural heritage and use it as a powerful resource for solving social and economic problems.
  • The whole strategy of corporate social responsibility of FESCO is based on the idea of forming sustainable long-term partnerships – with business representatives, with authorities, local communities, cultural institutions. One of such partnerships is our cooperation with the Tretyakov Gallery – one of the most powerful cultural institutions in our country. Memorandum of understanding and cooperation between FESCO and the Tretyakov Gallery was signed within the framework of the Eastern Economic Forum in 2021. The document was signed by Andrey Severilov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of FESCO and Zelfira Tregulova, Director General of the Tretyakov Gallery. We hope that our joint work will help create new educational, career and recreational opportunities for residents of Primorye, improve the quality of life and tourist attractiveness of the region and, ultimately, make economy of the region more stable and dynamically developing.

    Project “Tretyakov Gallery in Motion”

    At the end of August 2021 FESCO and the State Tretyakov Gallery launched an interactive exhibition “Tretyakov Gallery in Motion” in the capital of Primorye, which was located in a special pavilion on Sportivnaya Embankment, Vladivostok.

    The multimedia exposition consisted of eight halls dedicated to Pavel Tretyakov and the unique collection of the gallery. Thanks to the interactive format, guests of the exhibition were able to not only take a fresh look at masterpieces of Russian painting, but also to literally imagine themselves in Moscow halls of the Tretyakov Gallery. In addition, as part of the interactive project, the organizers prepared a special educational program, creative workshops and a series of film screenings. From August 30 to September 26 the exhibition of FESCO and the State Tretyakov Gallery was visited by more than 15 thousand people.

    “Tretyakov Gallery in Motion” has become an important element of interaction with the local community. This project illustrated one of the main principles of CSR strategy of FESCO – we take into account needs of the region and maintain a constant dialogue with all interested parties in Primorye.

    “Petrograd Madonna. Exhibition of a masterpiece from collection of the Tretyakov Gallery”

    On November 26, 2021 FESCO and the Tretyakov Gallery opened the project “Petrograd Madonna. Exhibition of a masterpiece from collection of the Tretyakov Gallery” within the frames of which residents and guests of the city were presented to a painting by Russian artist Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin “1918 in Petrograd”, also known as the “Petrograd Madonna”.

    The painting “1918 in Petrograd” was chosen for display in Vladivostok for a reason, because it was Primorye that became site of the latest events of the Civil War in Russia (1917-1922), the centenary of which is celebrated in 2022. The exhibition also included a series of lectures and master classes from experts of the Tretyakov Gallery. It was a continuation of the program aimed at introducing residents of Vladivostok to outstanding works of Russian painting.

    Support of Master program of the Tretyakov Gallery and FEFU

    Since 2021 FESCO has been providing financial support to the joint master program of the State Tretyakov Gallery and Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) – “Museum Studies”.

    The joint educational project will prepare highly qualified specialists for Primorye who will be able to work with modern digital and communication technologies in museum and exhibitional activities. New staff will provide additional sources of sustainable development for the region: accelerate disclosure of tourist potential of Primorye and, as a result, stimulate growth of regional economy.

    Disciplines of the master program are taught by teachers of the FEFU School of Arts and Humanities, employees of the Tretyakov Gallery as well as by representatives of museum community of Moscow and Vladivostok. Lectures on competencies in the field of culture, art and specifics of museum business are given to students by art historians, project managers in the field of culture, curators and researchers of various museums. Graduates of the program will be able to fill the staff reserve of branch of the Tretyakov Gallery in Vladivostok.

“FESCO for Children”

Our aim is to create conditions in partnership with federal educational and cultural institutions as well as with the local community, in which every child living in Primorye could fully realize his or her potential. Thus, FESCO is constantly trying to create new educational and recreational opportunities for comprehensive development of children in the region.

Within the framework of program “FESCO for Children” we are implementing a number of initiatives aimed at comprehensive support of childhood: we republish pre-revolutionary and Soviet books for children, develop cooperation with Charity Fund Rusfond to help seriously ill children of Primorye, contribute to solving problems of difficult behavior among school children together with Fund Shalash.

In a foreseeable future FESCO plans to create a full-fledged childhood support system that would provide optimal conditions for self-realization of every child in Primorye. We have historically worked a lot with child institutions and gradually intend to make this work as systematic as possible, aimed at long-term solution of social problems of the region.
  • Main aim of the project is to instill in children a love for books, inspire them to read with their family and support their natural craving for knowledge.
    To do this, FESCO republishes popular pre-revolutionary and Soviet children books, which are donated to educational, medical and social institutions in Vladivostok.

    Assistance in implementation of the project is provided by Department for Work with Municipal Educational Institutions of Vladivostok and the Primorsky regional public organization “Council of Parents with Many Children”. Currently, FESCO has already republished three books with a total circulation exceeding 90 thousand copies.

  • Together with Rusfond, one of the largest and oldest charity funds in Russia, FESCO has been implementing the only program in the Far East for the third year in a row, thanks to which seriously ill children can receive high–tech medical care. For these purposes FESCO has already allocated more than 15 million rubles, more than 20 Primorsky children received treatment with these funds.

    The program was launched in January 2020 and works on the principle of co-financing. FESCO and Rusfond cover costs of treating seriously ill children – residents of Primorye: the Group undertakes to collect 50% of required amount, the remaining half is contributed by readers and donors of the fund.

    The program helps to not only save lives and health of children, it supports development of domestic medicine and philanthropy among ordinary citizens.

    Program page on the website
  • In partnership with Charity Fund Shalash FESCO organizes a series of special events for teachers of Vladivostok, where experts of the fund tell teachers how to work with difficult behavior among primary and secondary school students, how to prevent bullying in class and help children cope with difficult life situations.

    This program is a response of FESCO to the terrible tragedy that occurred in Kazan on May 11, 2021. We, like specialists of Fund Shalash, are convinced that there are no difficult children, there are children who find it difficult. Thus, the Group is taking steps to provide the children of Primorye with the support they need. As is the case with our other initiatives, we strive to ensure that the measures we take are systematic and are implemented in close partnership with relevant specialists, representatives of civil society and authorities.

    Fund Shalash is the only fund in Russia that systematically solves the problem of difficult behavior. This is a team of educators, social psychologists, researchers and methodologists who develop courses and programs for schools and teachers on working with difficult behavior based on the most up-to-date research and best experience of Russian and foreign teachers and psychologists.
  • “Teacher for Russia” is a program for development of regional school education organized by Charity Fund “New Teacher”. The project helps professionals from different fields become teachers in ordinary mass schools for two years. Eight regions are already participating in the project, and starting from 2022 thanks to support of FESCO “Teacher for Russia” has appeared in the Primorsky Territory. The joint project aims at not only bringing young teachers to Vladivostok, but also at organizing social programs for school children, parents and local teachers.

    “Teacher for Russia” exists since 2015. The program invites participants to move to another city or village for two years and teach their favorite subject at a local school. Now “Teacher for Russia” cooperates with 95 schools in eight regions of Russia.

    Everyone can take part in the program: there is no age limit, there are no requirements for having experience or a teacher’s diploma. The only obligatory condition is completed higher education in any field. Each participant undergoes intensive training and after two years of work receives an HSE diploma on professional retraining. “Teacher for Russia” provides all participants with financial support, rental payment in a new place, constant support of curators, methodologists and like-minded people.

    Learn more about the program
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