"Stroyopttorg" warehouse complex (Khabarovsk)

"Stroyopttorg" warehouse complex (Khabarovsk)

Stroyopttorg is one of the largest logistic centers in the Russian Far East and the only complex in Khabarovsk combining both warehousing facilities and a container terminal.

«Stroyopttorg complex is located in Khabarovsk city area, near Vladivostok — Khabarovsk freeway. Complex's location in city suburbs makes good prerequisites for large size trucks traffic, which is difficult in next-to-downtown complexes.

The Complex's infrastructure includes a railway track linked to «Krasnaya rechka» rail station. The area is adjacent to Amur river, which creates possibilities for river-to-rail multimodal connections.

Technical specifications

  • Total area — 9,3 ha;
  • Storage capacity — 18,000 sq. m
  • Container throughput capacity — 30,000 TEU;

Container throughput capacity — 30,000 TEU per annum (as of 2012)

Contact info

Denis Stolypin
Head of "Stroyopttorg"
Tel.: +7 (421) 241-01-49, +7 (421) 241-01-46
Fax: +7 (421) 241-01-48
E-mail: Stolypin@khv.transgarant.com

Viktor Lebedev
Director of container terminal
Tel: +7 (421) 241-90-15
E-mail: V.Lebedev@terminalsot.ru

Dmitriy Mekhovschikov
Sales director
Phone: +7 (421) 253-78-30, +7 (914) 151-05-93
E-mail: D.Mekhovschikov@terminalsot.ru