Asset management

Asset management

Effective asset management is the principal indicator of FESCO activities. More than 6,000 companies confide carriage of their goods and other cargo to the Transportation Group.

About the service

Cargo transportation by sea and rail is carried out in accordance with the regular schedule of container trains and foreign trade sea lines
Efficient asset management is the key performance indicator of FESCO. Logistics is built in such a manner that when any asset is included in the process, it becomes as efficient as possible.


  • Owned fleet – 18 vessels. Capacity of FESCO's vessels is 287 000 tons
  • Container park (dry, refrigerated, special) > 80 000 TEU
  • Traction rolling stock - 14 locomotives (switch engines and main-line locomotives)
  • Rolling stock – 8 000 units
  • Vehicles and special equipment - 102 units
  • Terminals in Khabarovsk, Novosibirsk, Tomsk with the total capacity of 161 000 TEU per year
  • Commercial Port of Vladivostok (VMTP) - capacity of 600,000 TEU per year

Rates and schedules

FESCO advantages

  • Certified specialists with solid experience in all areas of logistics
  • Introduction of the advanced 3-4-5PL logistics
  • Continuous modernization of technological processes at all stages of the physical transportation
  • Expert evaluation during development of optimal routes for rail and sea services using owned and leased fleet
  • In-house expert evaluation of asset maintenance
  • Digital service for calculation of rates, tracking cargo, and document handling

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