1880 — 1934. First Steps

Historical Milestones

1880 — 1934. First Steps

1894 Icebreaker the “Silach” arrived in Vladivostok. For the first time ever in history of the port the icebreaker provided non-stop ice-free navigation along the channel from Egersheld to the high sea during the winter 1894-95. Since that time the vessels of The Volunteer Fleet Agency (“Dobroflot”) made regular voyages from the Black sea to Vladivostok both ends without winter season break.

1909 The Volunteer Fleet Agency (“Dobroflot”) was governed by Ministry of Commerce & Industry. The new regulations on the Volunteer Fleet regenerated its targets: the Volunteer Fleet Agency (“Dobroflot”) lost the status of “cruising reserve of the Navy Department”. It focused at that time on the trade activity in favour of the Russian industry and commerce.

1911 On July 29th s/s the “Kolyma” under command of the resigned rear admiral P. A. Troyan departed from Vladivostok. On September 1st the vessel reached the Kolyma estuary and delivered 400 tons of government cargo, two rowing-sailing boats and a steam boat for towage. That voyage of “Dobroflot” initiated the sea route to the Eastern Arctic.

1923 By the end of the year in question the “Dobroflot” fleet consisted of 12 vessels including two auxiliary ships — the “Smelchak” and the “Cossack Khabarov”. Expending the business, the Far Eastern branch of “Dobroflot” incorporated 25-agency network, including 10 agencies and representative offices in China and Korea. The Far-Easterners restore the big coastal trade along the Eastern line between Vladivostok and the Soviet ports in the Black and the Baltic seas.

1935 Government adopted Charter of State of shipping companies. Since that time Pacific Morflot was known as Far East State Shipping Company (FESSCO).